About Lauree Ellen

About Lauree Ellen

My Story

Hi. My name is Lauree. I am a believer in the simple, yet complex, truth that we are each on a journey back to who we truly are – beautiful, whole, beloved, whimsical, profound human Beings deeply and intrinsically linked to one another.

My journey has been filled with ups and downs and all arounds. Sometimes, I am tempted to regret choices I made, wish things had gone differently, wondered a million “what ifs” in every area of my life. I am coming to understand that this pull to regret is not at all helpful. Instead, I am moving into a space that allows me to feel all the feelings associated with those choices and events and their many varied consequences AND to come to a place of Peace even so.

This process embraces the grieving and the mourning of opportunities and people lost as well as the gratitude and joy over what IS. I am beginning to truly embrace Life as it is and relish in the goodness and grace being poured out over all Creation every single moment.

I am a visionary, a thinker, a doer, a creative, a lover of life. And … sometimes I am downright lazy and overwhelmed and stuck.

In it all, I am deeply curious about your experience of life. I would love nothing more than to sit over a cup of our favorite beverages and chat and share the wonder of life and the sorrows of loss. Even though that is not likely to be physically possible, I hope you will feel welcomed in these words and pages to connect with someone with whom you can do just that. And as I continue to learn how all this technology can work, perhaps we can do that together virtually. I sure hope so!

In the meantime, may you purposefully find all the blessings that long to reveal themselves to you in each and every moment.

If you have a question we could explore together or a topic that you would be interested in, please shoot me an email. There’s a link a the top of the page.

Let’s engage!