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Lauree Ellen

Connection. It is truly the real stuff of LIFE. Connection is always available, ready for us to enter in and discover the joy of ever deepening intimacy with our true selves and with one another. But the difficulty is this… disconnection, judgment, isolation, and choosing to look away and live away from each other is also always available. 

The true adventure in life is choosing more and more consistently to enter into the connection that IS and realize we are ALL one big family, each in need of the other to become the very best we can BE!

Come and join in and let’s adventure together!

The ART of Excellence

Three core postures to keep us in alignment with our true selves

Anticipate ~ What is Life offering you right now?

Resonate ~ Where does Life’s revelation stir in your Being?

Translate ~ How do you embody the unique gift to the world that is YOU?

Creating and Living in Connection

The Eternal, Universal CHRIST
living in us, through us, with us
IS the only hope of GLORY!

It is the how of beginning to live in vulnerability and authenticity ~ truly honoring and respecting the Presence of Christ in each and every one of us that creates the foundation for Life fully connected and in tune and free from the drudgery of ego’s false self and lies.

Wisdom's Seven Pillars

There are waymarkers as we journey towards becoming WHO we truly are.

Discovery and reflection are the keys to help us unlock and live out of our True Selves, releasing each of our unique qualities and gifts. This is glory unveiled!

The Seven Pillars offers us an opportunity to discover where we are in this moment in relation to living out of our true glory.


We must first BELIEVE the Truth of our inherent glory to be able to truly enter the journey – the adventure – of moving from glory to glory!

– Lauree Ellen

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